Teaching Methods

Learn Fast and Effectively

Language learning never really stops. But that doesn’t mean it should take forever! Our teachers not only teach Japanese but also effective ways of learning and studying!



We teach Japanese IN Japanese! This gets your brain, ears and mouth used to thinking, hearing and speaking Japanese loads faster.

Spaced Revision

Get reminded about words and concepts based on how well you remembered them before.

Pre-lesson Material

We get you familiar with the next topic before we explain and practice it in our lesson. Getting your brain primed for each lesson so you can get the most out of them.

Resources/Student Q&A

Our resources and blogs are filled with handy tips and cool things for you to check out. So that even outside of class time you are learning. We also have a special Student-exclusive Q&A that you can submit questions directly to your teachers.

Anime Teachers

Our Anime teachers are all a part of getting you learning more faster.

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