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Check out how we actually get you speaking faster and better than even top universities and language schools!

Flexible Curriculum

We take your goals and dreams into account as we teach you. While the grammar points are planned out (see below), we customise the language, vocabulary for each and everyone of our students.

Complete Beginners

Never learnt Japanese before? Not a problem. Start off your journey for FREE with our Hiragana and Katakana course.



Know the alphabet and you’re on your way. Build a solid foundation for your Japanese with our beginners course.

Intermediate Beginners

Start building on the basics and start making friends with casual speech and advice!


Here we start building up and expanding your vocabulary and get you using more nuanced grammar points.

Advanced Intermediate

Here you’ll get the skills to understand the language used in academic and news spheres. Along with some very specific slang and common – but not often explained grammar points.

Advanced and Beyond

We work with you to make your speech and writing more natural and take the time to iron out any odd habits. Aiming for the N1 and passing it doesn’t mean that your language learning gets to stagnate!

Anime Teachers: Fun and Practical!

Check out why we transform all of our teachers into anime characters! – It’s not just because anime and v-tubers are cool.

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